Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Bake Sale 2010

Pastillage Easter eggs filled with chocolate bonbons, decorated cookies, assorted chocolate bunnies and eggs, macarrons, souffle cookies, tool and equipment garage sale...all on sale...to benifit the Garden Club...

where.....Le Cordon Bleu Chicago Mezzanine Foyer, March 23 -24 10:00 am.  Please bring cash..

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Changing Lives Through Education: Commitment to Excellence Conference 2010: Fajardo, Puerto Rico

The El Conquistador Hotel was the site of the 2010 CEC Commitment to Excellence Conference.  Six members of the Le Cordon Bleu Chicago, representated Management, Faculty, Admissions, Finance and and Career Services to the 4-day event highlighted by the attendance of Gary McCullough, CEC President, and William Bennett, former US Secretary of Education. The conference pointed out the importance of not just the business metrics but more significantly student outcomes.Most meaningful for me was learning about the other SBUs that comprise the entire CEC Company. Before the conference, I did not know who AIU was, nor Sanford Brown, or Instituto Marangoni or INSEEC.  There is hope that a better realationship and company pride is fostered because of these meetings.

Another highlight of the conference was the culmination of weeks of practice of Oprah's Mob Dance presented by our very own SBU Culinary. Anna Vasquez led the entire team in our performance of the dance to the Black Eyed Pea's I Gotta Feeling. We rocked.  The crowd was so surprised with the presentation that we were given a standing ovation.  People talked about it til culmination of the conference.

The Beach Olympics was also exhilirating, competitive, but  all for fun.  I could have died of laughter from the coco loco game.  Everyone complained of body pains and muscle aches day after the event at Seven Seas Beach not far from the hotel.

Fancy dinners, great people, awards, you think you do a good job,  but you meet some of the best in your field,  and you are humbled....

Chicago Foodservice Managers Club

Two students:  Kiki Chritophalos (Culinary) and Tiffany Helms(Baking and Pastry) were awarded scholarships by the Chicago Foodservice Managers Club during a dinner banquet held at the corporate headquarters of Eli's Cheesecake.  Chefs John Montanile and Mike Salzinki were present with the students at the award ceremonies.  To showcase their skill, Kiki prepared a few hundred  hors d'oeurves for the invited guests and Tiffany selected a variety of petit fours for her sampler.  As always, our table was the best, thanks to flower arrangements by Chef John.