Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas Podluck

Pod 3 South, the B&P CHIC ladies orchestrated a pod luck and invited everybody to a sumptous lunch. Happy Holidays to all who come across this blog most especially to our colleagues, students and alumni

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Sunday, December 03, 2006

CHIC-Pastry Chicago Gingerbread Competition

Thank you to everybody who spent hours working on their gingerbread houses.....if we only had prizes for everybody, we would have awarded each and everyone for the long hours, dedication, creativity and passion they put in all their houses.

Thank you to our students Darryl and Jackie Perez, Agnes Oleksik, Meg Fairchild and Kristi Loucks, Diana Alicea-Cuevas, Jim Harden, Cirpriano Bonilla, Arntia Hawkens, Sonia Valdez and Jessica Roman, Cassandra Molina and Maria, Ray Peralta, Melissa Whitfield, Regina Dixon and Liz, Nedsra and Marcia Nadolski. Also to James , Marcia Nadolski, Meg and Kristi and Cipriano for donating their homes to the Women in Need Growing Strong Foundation auction held Dec 3 at the Marriott Hoffman Estates.

Thank you also to our generous sponsors: Todd Ostrowski and the entire Midwest Imports family, John Wiley Books for the books, the CHIC cafe for gifts to the judges, Jenny Vogel for bags from the bookstore and Lloyd Kirsch and Marshall Shafkowitz and Le Cordon Bleu for the generous gifts from the bookstore, also Richard Barney. We appreciate the support.

And to John Montanile, it was a great partnership, fratello.