Sunday, March 11, 2007

The CHIC World of Petit Four

Cross Training with LCB International: Christian Faure

Two or three times a year, the Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago , Baking and Patisserie, gets an official visit from LCB International. This week and next, we are happy to have Chef Christian Faure of Ottawa. Chef Christian is a Meuilleur Ouvier du France (MOF) from Lyon and has worked all over Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and North America. Chef Christian has not only shared his expertise on sugar and petit four, but also his stories of his travels as pastry chef, his family and his lifelong experiences. He is an amazingly nice man, is all we can say.

with Chef Nancy Carey and myself
the Baking and Pastry Department minus the photographer, Tom Beckman and Karyn, who was sick
at the Osteria Via Stato for lunch
Chef Nancy and myself teamed up to do this showpiece