Monday, June 04, 2007

Flowers in my garden

CHIC Graduation May 2007

Bruno Stofella with CHIC Instructors

Hello summer

It's been a while since my last posting...spring has sprung and now summer comes...the garden is abloom and there is plenty of weeding, transplanting, deadheading and mowing....there's not enough time in a day.

There's still plenty of happenings around school....there was Bruno Stofella of Italy spending three weeks with us...what a lovely gentleman, hardly a word of English, but everything is communicated through his passion for food. If you happen to travel to Northern Italy, say hi to him.

Southern Wines and Spirits with Serafin and Bridgit Albert is still holding plenty of classes at school, in addition to Bill St. James and Sam's Wines and Liquors. Great way to learn about wines and food. It is a great summer pastime, sitting in the patio watching the flowers bloom and butterflies, dragonflies, birds flutter by....with a cool glass of riesling or ice wine.

Chef Nancy and myself are preparing for our trip to Nashville for the World Pastry Forum. Anybody who wants to bunk with us is welcome to do have to exchange the free board for something...what? think we'll let you stay for free.

Chef Karyn is ready to leave for Ottawa this weekend for the continuing cross training with Le Cordon Bleu International.
We've also been invited to several events in the Chicago area, including a reception for the 10 best pastry chefs in the US. Those honored included Gale Gand, Anil Rohira, Ciril Hiltz, Colette Peters, Stephan Treand.

Then there was the Chocolate Masters Competition that Vincent Pillon won. Our very own Joe Utera from Orlando Culinary joined. Sorry Joe, we couldn't watch you compete. CHIC graduation was on the same weekend.

At graduation May 20, we had several special guests, Michelle Peters from Le Cordon Bleu Australia , with us for a week, came to the event, guest speaker Ina Pinckley of Ina's on Randolph, breakfast queen of the stars gave an inspiring send off to our graduates.