Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sweet Table with Chef Toni Leahy and John Montanile

Chef John Montanile and Chef Toni Leahy and I had sweet table classes this term, Chefs Montanile and Leahy had the cuisine class and I had a very small Baking & Patisserie class of 6. We d ecided that cuisine will do their sweet table on Thursday and B&P will do it Friday night. Both nights had a big turn out, families and friends showed up to support the students. For the cuisine part, Paul Young stayed late on behalf of administration to welcome the guests and also honor Diana Rodriguez for her role with the Blood donation Drive for Lifesource.

On Friday, Ruth Raynard, Director of Faculty Srvices for CEC, so graciously responded to our invite and stopped by with her family to say hello to the students and see their progress first hand.

Cable TV Photo Shoot with Ron Bilaro

Ron Bilaro and his TV Crew came to my house to do a shoot for his Life...Pinoy Style Cable TV Show aired in a few countries. I was asked to demo a few Filipino desserts like Ube Jam, Cassava Cake, Hopia, and of course Pan De Sal. It was a blast, we decided to do al fresco, out in the backyard where we set up a makeshift kitchen. The weather was in the high 70s, it was a perfect day, the butterflies were a fluttering, the birds basking in the sun.

The show will air August 17, and if you have TFC you can watch it at about 12:55 PM.