Thursday, November 19, 2009

Jim Zweifel: Creator of the White House Replica

Last week, I got an email inquiring if I was interested in constructing a White House Gingerbread Replica for the Museum of Science and Industry. Without really thinking of the work involved, considering there's only 2 weeks of work days left, I agreed.

I have since, met with Mike Foran, Publicist for the museum, Anne Rashford, the Director of temporary exhibits and events and the creator of the White House Replica hinself, John Zweifel. This man's work is amazing. From the photos on the walls, to the pots and pans in the kitchen, to the lawn furniture and settees in each of the rooms, you have to see this exhibit. The replica itself, although called a miniature, is is about 20-25 feet long and maybe 10 feet deep. The house, including several treasures from the White House is on temporary exhibit at the Museum and will open tomorrow and run until Feb 2010.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fall 2009 Graduation

Danny Davis, US Congressman representing downtown Chicago and the surrounding areas was guest speaker at the 2009 Fall Graduation. Mr Davis' motivational poem about a builder inspired the students as they move on the application side of their skills and knowledge. Recipient of this graduation's frying pan award was Nancy Carey. Reception after the ceremony was in the atrium outside the Grand Ballroom of the downtown Chicago Marriott. Food has been consistently improving, let me tell you....

International Caterer's Association Conference, Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago, Friday Nov 13

The regional conference of the International Caterer's Association was held at school this past friday with attendees from all over the US. Theme for this event was Me and My Chef. The South Campus was used for the Continental Breakfast prepared by the Baking and Pastry Department with pastries from the breads class, mostly croissants, pain au chocolates, danishes, palmiers, and muffins and scones from the cuisine classes. Lectures were also held in the South Campus. For lunch, the attendees moved over to the North Campus for a beautiful set up of fresh celery root and apple salad, short ribs, paella, buffalo, smoked duck breast, red and yellow beets with some kind of goat cheese dip, kimchi, a kind of curry....Meanwhile on the other end of this presentation was the all important sweets table from petit fours made in the basic patisserie class. I was asked to quickly make a sabayon for the fresh berries. I made a kirsch sabayon instead or your regular white wine and stabilized it with a little gelatin and piped it in verrines ordered for the event. And to add color to this fall event, I picked all our flowering cabbages and kale from the CHIC garden , and the lone sunflower left uneaten by the birds, and also some flowers from the broccoli. Chef Montanile had ordered some gourds for the table and a huge arrangement of roses graced the sweet table. The event continued on with more lectures...and ended about 4 pm