Saturday, December 08, 2012

Students Having Fun with Puff Pastry

Today's kitchen class was all about puff pastry.  We made Classic Puff and Blitz Puff and turned out pithiviers, bouchees, palmiers, conversations, cheese straws and napoleons from 2 full sheet per student of puff pastry.  With all 8 ovens, and students not checking their oven temperature, some were a little on the dark side, but overall, the lamination was great.  They all look very happy....

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Red Velvet Cake: A Waldorf Astoria Hotel original

I had always believed that the Red Velvet Cake is a Southern Cake.  Today, I found a signed copy of the Waldorf Astoria Cookbook by former Executive Chef John Doherty, and he claims that  the red beet-colored favorite is an original Waldorf creation.

Oklahoma Sugar Show

I don't consider this as one of my best work, but a typical "rushed work"..When we decided to attend the Oklahoma Sugar Show, I decided, I might as well bring a cake.  It was a very hectic 2 weeks at school,  and after being a day late of the final submission of registrations, I ordered the styrofoam,  decided on the color of my cake, and started piping.  There was no expectation of winning, just the experience and joy of participation.  There were so many limiting circumstances, and to my surprise I made an "honorable mention" ribbon. 

A Charlie Brown Christmas at the Museum of Science and Industry

For the  fourth year, we have been asked to create a gingerbread house for the temporary exhibit at The Museum of Science and Industry.  This year it is Charlie Brown.  The characters were all made of white chocolate bodies and modeling chocolate "clothing".  Snoopy's house is of gingerbread.